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You walking through the night

Not one worry with you and a blue kiss goodbye

One fear and strain in your life

I’ll always be through your night, to make sure your pain is bad as mine

Driving up in my sick twisted car, taking this plot way too far

My lights out quickly cause love is the most dangerous game

 My eyes stab you in the night, grabbing my knife with such fame

Lust is a weapon, you went at war with me

Here lies the danger in my arms

My heart is like meth cooked rotten farm

Honey you’re so alive to the cover you’re fuckin’ dead

No escaping the sharp knife like a vine

You should of grabbed me while you were safe

Could of been your lover but now I’m your real monster

Isee you with him, your happiness is sicker than towel face bombs

Your smile speeds up my lips, my rage won’t close up your slits

Our first night was a night of blue, the rest was just evening blue

Your tears burn down the ground, the red rivers from him on our gown

Fire sets towers in my eyes, your soul burns right to your guy

His face is like horror tonight, baby my white fighting tonight

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nicki looks like shes fucking arguing with fans


but really


And this is why you can never fucking trust the media

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